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Well, what a couple of months it has been! I made the decision to start my journey to becoming a full time artist earlier this year and I never would have expected it to be such an enjoyable and enlightening process.

Back in May I entered a competition, something I have never done before and a terrifying thing to do. Art is a very personal thing and when I paint, it is a part of me that is then out in the world and you can feel very exposed. So entering this competition (which was a big one) was something I didn't take lightly and in all honesty, I truly didn't think I would get anywhere with it, but I hit the enter button and submitted my application anyway.

Three months later and I can honestly say entering that competition has been such a positive experience. Not only did I make it to the first sift, but I made it through to the final stages from thousands of entries. Now, I didn't get any further than that, But I am so delighted to have gotten that far, to have someone else recognise my work as being worthy and shortlisting me out of thousands of other people is something that I never thought possible.

As a result it has spurred me on to do more, to put myself out there into the world and to forge ahead with my plans. Since finding out I wasn't getting any further (only a week ago) I have booked three events to attend and exhibit my work, had a couple of commissions and generally seen a lot of engagement from people with my social media and my work in general.

I have no doubt that the road ahead may be a long one but I am more excited than ever about where that might lead. It is truly a magical experience to set intentions and see them come to fruition. It will be interesting to see where the next few months take me.

To those people who have supported me so far, I thank you and hope you continue with me on this path.

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