Ever so slightly.....Nervous

The sun has been shining recently and the year is marching on. I have been working away on my master plan for world domination and by that I mean painting up a storm and hopefully selling a few paintings.

The path to becoming a full time artist is going to be a long one, but I have reached a point in my life where I finally know what I want to do. Creativity is so important to my well being and I finally realised this recently, when I had a moment of complete and utter peace whilst painting a commission and listening to my itunes library on shuffle. All of my life I have had to have a hand in creating something, whether that be knitting in front of the TV, writing my book (which I still haven't finished), redecorating my house, making handmade broaches or baking a sponge cake, I have always done something to give my creativity an outlet.

I never believed that I could reach a point in life where I would have the opportunity to do something so completely removed from what I have spent my professional life doing but here I am. I am going to work hard at becoming the version of myself I am meant to become.

So, with that I have decided to put myself out there a bit more, put my paintings out in the world, set my intentions and have faith that the law of attraction will prevail. That said I have put in application for something that will push me so far out of my comfort zone and hopefully open up the opportunity for me to grow and develop as an artist. I have done my part and now all I have to do is wait with my fingers crossed for the world to send me what is meant for me.

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